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Industry 4.0

The concept of Industry 4.0 was presented for the first time during industrial fairs in Hanover in 2011, marking a symbolic beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. The concept is based on the increasing role of digitization and stipulates that companies undergo a transformation to use modern technologies in all business processes. Nowadays, it is hard not to notice that the digital transformation drives changes in all sectors of the economy. The fourth industrial revolution is getting real shapes because of the universal access to the Internet, widespread use of cloud computing, mobile devices, analysis of large data sets (Big Data), and artificial intelligence. Even though the concept of "Industry 4.0" assumes the necessity of digital transformation, in return companies can become more flexible, optimize their production processes, make better use of resources and respond to customer needs more quickly. Most benefits can be obtained by drastically reducing barriers to entry in cloud technologies, which makes it possible to test new software solutions with little resources, without the need to invest in infrastructure. It is even more so as new technologies are no longer exclusive to IT companies or IT departments. They help achieve bold projects in marketing, research and development, HR and many other fields, in all sectors of the economy”, concludes Ronald Binkofski, General Manager of Microsoft Poland.

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Usprawnienie procesów sprzedaży poprzez technologie mobilne.



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